Online Teaching Certificate Program

Faculty teaching online at South Carolina State University must receive training in Blackboard and online teaching methods. The Online Teaching Certificate program provides three options for faculty to obtain a certificate in online teaching.

eFellows Online Teaching Certificate Course

eFellows Online Teaching Certificate Course- eFellows is a five-week, fully online course delivered in Blackboard. Through discussions, small group projects, readings, and online tools, the course explores best practices in online teaching particularly for the postsecondary level. Topics include establishing social presence, assessment of learning in an online course, student-instructor communications, online teaching readiness, time management, and facilitating interactivity. Additionally, policies and procedures relative to faculty teaching online at SC State are reviewed. All course assignments, learning activities, and assessments are completed online. A one-hour face-to-face orientation is mandatory. Participants must have basic skills in using Blackboard prior to enrollment in the class. A certificate is issued upon successful completion of the course. Refer to the eFellows course schedule for class dates.

Course Evaluation

Faculty may obtain approval to teach online through a successful review of an existing fully online or hybrid course taught at SC State University. CTLES conducts a review of the course using the Quality Matters rubric for higher education. Faculty are permitted one semester to address any recommendations for changes with an addition one semester extension granted if requested. Once the changes have been made, CTLES validates the changes and a certificate is issued. Courses submitted for evaluation must include course and unit level objectives. Course evaluations may require up to six months to complete.

Completion of External Provider Training

Faculty may obtain approval to teach online by presenting a certificate of completion for a training course offered by an external provider, that is comparable to the eFellows course. Examples of external providers include, but are not limited to, Quality Matters and the Online Learning Consortium. Training must have been completed within the last five years. In addition, faculty must either complete a basic Blackboard workshop or provide a verbal declaration of basic Blackboard skill mastery. Upon acceptance of the course certificate and validation of Blackboard basic skills, a certificate is issued. CTLES does not provide funding to support registration fees for online teaching courses offered by external providers