Assessment Center

Faculty Information for Adjunct and Full-Time Instructors

The Assessment Center is located on the 3rd floor in Belcher Hall. Operating hours are Monday-Friday 8:45 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. The Assessment Center provides high quality testing services for SC State University students. When utilizing the Assessment Center to proctor an exam, please adhere to the following guidelines provided below:

  • Students must provide the instructor’s last name and course name or number upon entering the Assessment Center. A valid picture ID is REQUIRED for each visit.
  • An instructor MUST complete the Test Cover Sheet for each test sent to the Assessment Center with specific directions required for test administration. Cover Sheets are available to be printed from the CTLES website and must be submitted at least 3 days in advance. Instructors will receive a confirmation e-mail indicating the test has been received. **Indicate if any student(s) require special accommodations for testing. The Assessment Center will work in conjunction with the Office of Student Disability Services to provide accommodations. A test will not be administered if an instructor fails to submit a Cover Sheet and receive the required approval
  • The test will be administered according to the directions provided on the Test Cover Sheet (e.g. time allowed, supplementary materials allowed, etc.). Instructors are responsible for opening the test in Blackboard on the days indicated on the cover sheet. The Assessment Center Staff is not allowed to make any changes to the settings of an exam. Instructors requesting changes in deadlines or test information must complete and submit a new Test Cover Sheet. Cover sheets are to be submitted to
  • The Assessment Center does not have the capacity to administer 2 part tests. If a test has two parts, please set up as two SEPARATE testing sessions.
  • Make-up tests should be administered within three business days of the initial testing closing period.
  • Testing should be completed in one session.
  • Students are not allowed to print or save information on our computers.
  • **The assessment center staff reports all testing violations to the designated faculty member. Disciplinary actions are at the discretion of the faculty member.**
  • If an instructor uses a paper test, it will be returned according to the directions provided on the Test Cover Sheet. **Instructors are responsible for making copies of paper tests.
  • Closing times are strictly enforced! Instructors should advise students of Assessment Center hours and ensure students are aware testing must be completed by closing. It is advisable to end tests one hour before closing. Please note: The Assessment Center will not begin any new test sessions 30 minutes prior to closing time.
  • Instructors using the Assessment Center to administer examinations are asked to have students complete a Memorandum of Understanding prior to scheduling an exam. The completed Memorandums of Understanding should be turned into the Assessment Center prior to the testing date(s).

For suggestions, questions or concerns, please contact Robin Anderson, Student Support Specialist, by phone at (803)533-3996 or by e-mail at